SPH-3U The Big Five

In kinematics there are 5 equations these equations help us find whatever we need to find either the displacement, acceleration final or initial velocity and time. Without these equations we wouldn't be able to find them. For example if we were given a inital velocity of 6.8m/s and an acceleration of 9.8/ms^2 and a time of 5 seconds we could find the final velocity with equation 2. Each equation has their unique difference than the other, for Example equation 1 we can find displacement without acceleration, equation 2 we can find final velocity without displacement, equation 3 we can find displacement again but without final velocity, equation 4 we can find final velocity without time and equation 5 we can find displacement but without initial velocity. sometimes we need to find things in the equation but cannot because we don't have acceleration, for example we need to find final velocity but we don't have acceleration, well we could use equation 1, sub in the the value for inital velocity time and displacement and would solve for the final velocity. We can find anything with these 5 equations





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