My English Course

    I started this English course three months ago and I found it very challenging and useful. It was a bit different from the other English courses and it needed more time, attention and focus because there were at least two or three writing parts in every lesson. I am very happy with everything that I have learned during these months. One of the reasons why I continued this course was to learn more than what I needed to know. Now I know more than the other students in the class and that knowledge helps me to understand English better and easier. It's really hard to say what I like the most because I learned a lot of stuff in this course. I think I liked the story part more than the other parts. In Unit 3 when I started to read  ”The Giver” I could feel the fun and joy because I was reading a wonderful novel and I needed to understand every part to make myself ready for the assignment. There were some parts of this course that I didn't like. For example, I think there are way too many writing parts in this course and there were some large charts with long columns that took a lot of time to fill out. In addition, some parts were extremely hard and complicated.





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