Laws of Logarithm

Rule 1: Product Rule

The logarithm of the product of numbers is the sum of logarithms of individual numbers.

Rule 2: Quotient Rule

The logarithm of the quotient of numbers is the difference of the logarithm of individual numbers.

Rule 3: Power Rule

The logarithm of an exponential number is the exponent times the logarithm of the base.

Rule 4: Zero Rule

The logarithm of 1 with b > 1 equals zero.

Rule 5: Identity Rule

The logarithm of a number that is equal to its base is just 1.

Rule 6: Log of Exponent Rule

The logarithm of an exponential number where its base is the same as the base of the log equals the exponent.

Rule 7: Exponent of Log Rule

Raising the logarithm of a number by its base equals the number.

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