Harm of television

children are very impressionable and it is important to control what their minds are exposed to. while television can entertain, inform, it may also influence them in undesirable ways. television viewing plays a major role and influence our children lives. time spent watching television takes away from important activities such as reading, school works, playing, etc. children also learn information from television that may be incorrect. they often cannot tell the difference between fantasy presented or television versus reality. they are influenced by thousands of commercials seen each year such as alcohol, junk food and toys. people have blamed the television for children throwing themselves off the roofs and risking their lives doing dangerous stunt in an attempt to copy superheros and models in advertisement. some even believe that brutality on television could be the main cause of under age crimes. programs that show huge wrestlers fighting with each other and even some cartoons like tom and Jerry when they are seen basing each other, send certain message to children. through such violent programs, children get the idea that violence that is a means to power. television viewing takes away time from reading and improving reading skills through practice. kids watching cartoons and entertaining during pre-school years have poorer reading skills at age 5. also, kids who watch entertainment shows are also less likely to read books and other printed media. children are very impressionable and it is important to control what their minds are exposed to. television in a way makes children lazy as they sit behind it and doing nothing. they gain less from television than books. students spend all their free time watching television, instead of doing more profitable stuff.





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