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If you are a high school student at grades 9-12 and would like to continue your education in Ontario Canada, start with our application process here:



1. Application Form

2. Previous High School Transcript(s)

3. Current or Previous Diploma(s) (if applicable)



1. First you will need to fill up the applicant form.  

2. Then you should send us the following:

             Previous High School Transcripts

             Current or previous Diplomas 

2. Arkana Education will assess your documents and plan a one year educational plan form you.

3. There will be a an "offer of admission" letter send to you which will allow us to continue with your student visa application.  

4. At this point you will be required to make appropriate payments. 

5. Upon receipt of all the fees, we will issue the formal Admission letter, receipt and admission documents.

5. The related procedure regarding your student visa will carry on and our lawyer from Arkana Immigration will be taking over your case. 

6. For more information contact us.

7. Notes to consider.

Good Luck 

International Students Admission and Application


Notes :

  • The $500 registration fee which will be asked when pre-admission letter is issued, is non refundable under any circumstance.

  • %50 of the tuition will be charged as deposit due within 2 weeks of Admission Letter being issued from Arkana Education. 

  • The other %50 of the tuition will be required within 2 weeks of your visa application started to proceed.

  • Failure to pay the deposit, the first, or the second half of payments will result in the student’s application being rejected.

  • There are no refunds provided unless the student provides an authorized visa rejection letter from Immigration Canada. FULL REFUND will be issued if your visa application gets rejected. 

  • In the event a student is suspended, expelled, or otherwise required to leave Arkana Education, for any reason, all fees paid to Arkana Education are strictly non refundable.

  • Fees for textbooks and school transportation, study supplies, field trips, labs, medical insurance, custodianship, accommodation/residence/homestay fees, sports program, travel,airport pickup/drop-off, meals and other expenses are NOT included in your tuition.  

  • Arkana Finance offers medical insurance for interested international students.

Good Luck 


Fees :

  • Fees for studying at Arkana Education would depend on few factors as follows:

  • 1- First is the application process and preparation cost. The non refundable $500 is the cost of preparing the application and admission for students. 

  • 2- After registration, the educational team of Arkana will start preparing a full time table for you. The cost of education will be announced at this point. %50 of the tuition is required up on completion of educational plan designed for you. 

  • 3- Once the application, and preparation process is completed, the "Offer of Admission" will be sent to students right after the confirmation of the full tuition payment. At this point, the process for student visa is already in progress. 

  • 4- If for any reason, your student visa application gets rejected, with the proof from the immigration Canada, FULL REFUND of your tuition is guaranteed. 

For further information, please Contact us.

Good Luck